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How swimming helped my mental health

“Chill out, don’t stress so much!” I’m sure you’ve heard these words before when things may have gotten on top of you. But what happens if you can’t just… relax?


In defence of ’13 Reasons Why’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the latest Netflix sensation ‘13 Reasons Why’, a story centred around teenager Hannah Baker who reveals the reasons she committed suicide through a series of tapes sent to her peers from school following her death. The show has been widely criticised for its graphic… Continue reading In defence of ’13 Reasons Why’


Dementia: track me if you can.

The newest debate around (or rather, the newest debate that has interested me) is about the use of a GPS device for those who suffer from dementia. This GPS device will be one that is worn around the neck of sufferers of the disease, in an attempt to locate them if they go missing. However,… Continue reading Dementia: track me if you can.