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A glimpse into Britain’s changing consumer market: The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising – Notting Hill, London

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Housing around 12,000 items relating to Britain’s ever-changing consumer market, Notting Hill’s Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising is a glorious tunnel into design, commercial art and consumer history, revealing the way British people have experienced life and sustained themselves since the Victorian era.

Located just around the corner from Portobello Road, the museum is host to a selection of intriguing products including foodstuffs such as chocolates, breakfast cereals, sauces and tinned food. It also showcases the evolution of TVs and radios, and has cabinets displaying how even medicinal packaging and washing-up liquid has changed over time. There are valentines cards that signal the start of a new era in the brilliantly constructed tunnel-like route, and haunting reminders of war-time Britain, the fear of Hitler and an incessant need to ration food.

Here are a few pictures of my favourite displays from the museum:


Gather around everyone, it’s time to watch a little TV…



 Everyone loves chocolate, and to see my most adored brands in their more earlier packaging was just astounding. We pick up so many items and never pause to think about the creativity and thought that has gone into making sure it appeals to us. We also don’t realise that we become attached to these brands and products, forming relationships with them. What the difference in chocolate packaging taught me was consumer demand for chocolate to appear more and more luxurious. Just look at the Galaxy bar above and the kind of royal feel it attempts to create now. It’s an upheaval to say the least.


 This, purely because I have a phobia of those who sneeze loudly around me. We won’t dwell on that too much.


 This took me right back to the 1920s and reminded me of classy women dancing the Charleston and attending lavish Great Gatsby-esque parties. Beautiful.


 I loved seeing these packets of crisps, considering I’ve spent much of my life eating them…


 But this was a  sorrowful reminder of Hitler’s threat to Britain and a war that no one can ever forget.

 If you’re interested in seeing your favourite brands and the history attached to them, head over to this museum for a delightful and infomative trip down memory lane.


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