Food review: Homeslice Pizza – Covent Garden, London


Rated as one of the top pizza restaurants in London, I dined at Homeslice in Covent Garden to try out their much-talked about 20 inch pizza. Their menu dares to be different due to the nature of the pizzas being offered, but isn’t conventional either as it hangs on a wall at the entrance. At first, I was unsure about the prices, which aren’t clearly stated on the menu. However, after being daring and stepping into the unknown, Homeslice’s 20 inch pizza for £20 proved to be both affordable and worth a try.


What I liked about Homeslice was the choice offered to split the pizza in half for more variety. I ordered one 20 inch pizza with a margherita on one side and toppings of chorizo, corn and coriander on the other. The pizza was one of the best I’ve tasted, and a pizza cutter was also provided, which made the experience more personal. I wasn’t a fan of the paper plates from which to eat, or the fact that cutlery was also not available, but I suspect the idea is that you eat your pizza freely using your hands and in a way that is more ‘casual’. It definitely made being messy more acceptable, which – let’s be honest – you need when eating pizza.


As for the pizza itself, the base was not so thin that it became gloopy or broke away, and the bread used was crunchy, warm and flavoursome. The chorizo in particular was a highlight for me, and as someone who usually avoids it, I was happily nibbling away. The pizza was visually appetising too, and was soft and tangy. I especially loved the tomato paste used on the margharita, which was packed with flavour and meshed well with the bread and refreshing basil leaves, which were especially pleasing for the tastebuds. It was also the right kind of salty, and although big, the pizza remained warm until the very end.

The atmosphere at Homeslice was equally very good. It’s loud because it is host to many customers and definitely very popular at lunchtime. One problem customers may encounter is the tables, which are either joined together or in very close proximity to one another. As such, you may find yourself awkwardly sitting side by side with other customers while attempting to eat your very large 20 inch pizza, which can prove difficult. If you’re looking for a spacious pizza-eating retreat, Homeslice may be one to avoid, especially when you’re trying to enjoy a large pizza such as this and find there is potentially limited room on the tables.

The staff are welcoming and attentive, and quite efficiently took orders. The pizza did not take long to arrive and staff were prompt with providing the bill and taking payment too. Although busy, Homeslice is very welcoming and ‘home’ to a great selection of beautifully cooked and authentic wood-fired pizzas.



Visit Homeslice:

13 Neal’s Yard, Seven Dials
London, WC2H 9DP

Opening Times:

● Mon to Sat 12pm – 10:30pm on whole pizzas. Slices and drinks until late.
● Sun 12pm – 9pm on whole pizzas. Slices and drinks until late


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