Do you have a voice?


Photo credit: LinkedIn
Photo credit: LinkedIn

My question to you today is very, very simple.

Do you have a voice?

Can you stand in a room full of people and make yourself known or remembered in some way? Are you able to feel confident in your own shoes and assert yourself in a way that shows courage and strength?

If you do, then good for you. But what if you don’t?

Lacking a voice is possibly the worst thing that could happen to someone. What I mean by this is becoming someone who follows the crowd blindly or someone who occupies a neutral or silenced position. Over the years, I have learned that putting an invisible tape across your mouth and refusing to speak out can lead to guilt and regret about not voicing what you felt, when you felt it. We will go through life looking back at incidents and wishing we’d said something, defended someone, spoke up about how we felt – all because we lacked a voice at the time. What a sad thing to say to yourself in five or 10 years time:

“I didn’t say anything because nobody else did”.

If you, one person, speak up against something or someone amongst a crowd full of people, you do not show cowardice but rather, show leadership and inner strength, and that is honestly beautiful. To go against what everyone else thinks and feels and say what your view on something is can even be the turning point in encouraging others to do the same. Just think about it: when have you ever felt conflicted about a situation because you’re bound to a person involved or simply find it would be easier to follow the crowd and ride the wave of sameness? Does it make you feel safe to be wrapped in this façade that you create for yourself? Wouldn’t you want to be honest to yourself, your principles and those around you by speaking out? I for one would hate myself for not following what I really thought or felt about a situation, and it can be equally saddening to see other people unable to do so for fear or rejection or disapproval from those around us.

But this rejection or disapproval would simply show that you’ve made a difference – and made a difference amongst people with narrow world-views or minds. If you could speak out and make a change, imagine what else you could do, just by having a voice.

 I would encourage anyone and everyone to go with what they feel is right in their heart of hearts. To be afraid of the backlash that comes with voicing how you feel is to be afraid of who you are. There are a multitude of people who exist with the inability to broaden their perspective or respect that other people have the ability to make a decision and express themselves, and I’d feel extremely undermined if someone thought I didn’t have the guts to speak out.

Wouldn’t you?


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