Where did all the love go?

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There used to be a time where I could fearlessly walk down my road during the dark and dismal days of Autumn. There was a time I didn’t feel the need to hold onto my keys extra tightly, just in case I needed to use them as a weapon. There was a time when generally, things felt safer.

Nowadays, it feels like everyone is out to get one another. The love seems to have gone out of the window. In some cases, it’s pure and simple humanity that has been erased. Let’s think about Olympic gold medallist Jessica Ennis-Hill, who spoke out against about convicted rapist Ched Evans’ return to Sheffield United – she was then tweeted by someone hoping Evans will rape her. Claudia Winkleman’s daughter recently was burned after her costume caught on fire during Halloween, and Twitter trolls were quick to make crude jokes about the incident. Women in India have been forced into sterilisation camps and died due to unsanitary environments, the use of unclean equipment and the use of banned drugs as treatment. Revenge porn – involving the posting and sharing of intimate pictures by ex-partners on the internet – has been happening since my days at secondary school, and has only recently become illegal in the UK. And let’s also consider that this week, a woman was convicted of instigating a ‘revenge rape‘ against an innocent female because she was ‘spreading rumours’.

These are just some of the examples from the last few weeks that have caught my attention and prompted me to question why mankind is so, so unpleasant to one another. Of course, it’s not a new concept that humans cause harm to one another – we’ve been doing it forever – but it’s still upsetting to hear that people have the energy and mentality to cause any other human being so much distress and harm. We’ve become cruel, heartless people with no moral compass… and inevitably, we have created a society containing people who are scared to walk down the street, go on a social media platform and voice their opinion or take control of their own sexuality and body. I don’t feel safe anymore, and I’m sure many others also don’t. With so many atrocities occurring both on a national and global scale, the news articles I read on a daily basis are reminders of how much evil there is in the world. It creates a general sense of sorrow when you think about it all.

The aim of this blog post tonight hasn’t been to offer a solution or advice, or round-off with something positive about a situation (that’s what I would usually do). Today’s post is just one fretting about the state of the world we’re living in. The compassion and care for one another seems to have diminished, swallowed up in people’s need to simply make someone else’s life a living hell. Despite the good we may have, I think humans are far more associated with the bad. It’s sad to think about how much wrong is happening in the world, and how we are the ones creating it.



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