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Martha recommends: 5 tracks you should be listening to right now

Recently, I’ve been exposed to an influx of fantastic music – it’s so good that I felt the need to share a few of my favourite tracks with everyone.

If you’re looking for new bands and artists to listen to (and something a little different, perhaps?), then check out these all-the-rage tracks:

1. Alt-J – Hunger of the Pine

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Last week, 2012 Mercury Prize winners Alt-J returned with new single ‘Hunger of the Pine’ to mark the much-anticipated release of their second album This Is All Yours. ‘Hunger of the Pine’ opens with an incessant techno/electro sound that glides into lead vocalist Joe Newman’s voice, gradually building pace with the rising music. Eventually, you’ll get a bit of a surprise when you hear Alt-J have sampled Miley Cyrus, who boldly disrupts the Alt-J vibe by singing ‘I’m a female rebel’, taken from her single ‘4×4’, featured on Bangerz. I loved it from the first play – even Miley Cyrus was a rather good touch.

Listen to ‘Hunger of the Pine’ here.

2. George Ezra – Budapest

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George Ezra has experienced a lot of success this week as his single ‘Budapest’ from debut album Wanted on Voyage entered the UK top 40 at number 4. To top it off, Ezra has also been busy performing at Glastonbury for the second consecutive year this weekend, a performance that will also aid the boost of his album’s release on Monday. ‘Budapest’ is a fantastic, feel-good song that shows-off Ezra’s rugged, deep vocals and makes use of a beautiful little guitar riff throughout. This is the perfect song to click your fingers to and belt out in the comfort of your bedroom.

Listen to ‘Budapest’ here.

3. Lana Del Rey – Brooklyn Baby

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I’ve had my ups and downs with Lana Del Rey. I heard her first single ‘Video Games’ about 4 years ago and fell in love with her – this was the most melancholic and depressingly sexy vocal I’d ever heard from a female artist. Of course, Lana was destined for global success and it wasn’t long before everyone was singing her praises. Her debut album Born To Die won her a lot of acclaim and she was soon a favourite amongst many. Let’s not talk about Paradise (2012) though – I completely lost faith in the woman and chose to ignore this album. My faith has only been restored since she went and hid for a while, stopped being so er, out there, and returned with the newly-released Ultraviolence.

‘Brooklyn Baby’ begins with a soft guitar intro, blends into Lana’s sexy little ‘ta dah dah dah da-da-dah’ and gives you the haunting yet smouldering voice that is, Lana Del Rey. What I love about Lana is that her song is a narrative – she isn’t just singing a song, she is showing you something and expecting you to visualise while listening to her music. The production of this single is clear-cut, the vocals are sinister and dark, and the narrative is sensual. This is definitely my favourite song off the album. ‘West Coast’ comes a close second. Go and listen to the entire album.

Listen to ‘Brooklyn Baby’ here.

4. Hozier – Sedated

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Ashamedly, I only discovered Hozier (otherwise known as Andrew Hozier-Byrne) yesterday, and I’ve been hanging my head in shame about being so delayed. Hozier has a smooth, heart-tugging vocal which sounds pure and raw. The shift between the high and low vocal range in ‘Sedated’ gives it a special edge – we’re getting a lot of emotion from this single. While you’re listening to him, be sure to give his From Eden EP a play – you won’t be disappointed.

Listen to ‘Sedated’ here.

5. Coasts – Oceans

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Last year, Coasts followed me on Twitter. Intrigued that a rather cool-looking indie band was now following me (and seemingly doing very well in terms of creating a fan-base), I had a listen to ‘Oceans’ and really liked their energy. Fast-forward a year later and Coasts have unfollowed me on Twitter, boo-hoo, but more importantly, they’re still gaining popularity and are set to gain greater success as the year goes on. I’m a sucker for a increasing guitar rhythm complimented with a funky electro/pop beat and slightly-croaky indie vocal, and Coasts give me exactly that with ‘Oceans’, a Two Door Cinema Club-esque single from their 2014 Oceans EP. Roaring into singing we fell in love, right by the ocean’, ‘Coasts’ makes a fantastic little summer tune to blast out and have a dance to. It’s mellow but hits the spot at the same time – give Coasts a chance.

Listen to ‘Oceans’ here.



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