Growth is good.

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Every day, you and I are changing: we’re learning and seeing new things, meeting different people, experiencing new situations, thinking from different perspectives and unknowingly, enhancing ourselves in ways we don’t even realise.

When changes like these begin to occur, we can begin to evolve in ways that differ from those around us – namely our friends and family. Just as change is inevitable, so is growth, and whereas change can often hold negative connotations, I believe that growth is nothing but positive.

Recently, I haven’t quite experienced growth like I have over the past year. Growing has meant that I finally figured out the kind of people I like to sustain friendships with. I absolutely love people who know where they’re going, who are just as determined as me (if not more), and who are passionate about wanting to better themselves and their life. This realisation resulted in me letting go of friends who I outgrew in various ways, a process which may have been hard, but massively helped to clear out the clutter in the long-run. Just like we as individuals find it within ourselves to grow and expand ourselves, so do other people around you, and once you figure that out, you’ve essentially unlocked the key to your own happiness.

Growing has meant that I am now more confident than I have been in the past. I may be slightly awkward with new people – and a tiny bit shy too – but I’m alright now, I think. Attending university has done wonders for me and broadened my mind in so many ways, but more than anything, it has granted me the chance to express myself through writing, the greatest tool I have right now. I never quite realised the power of the written word and since I started blogging during my A-levels in Year 13, I’ve never looked back. Writing is the one thing that keeps me going and it’s not surprising that it’s the only thing that is shaping me into what I am becoming. I’ve managed to finally feel that I also have a talent of some sort, especially after spending a large amount of my life feeling rather hopeless!

Growth has meant that I now try and seek new opportunities for myself, and this is something I encourage everyone to do. I find it boring doing the same thing everyday and easily become restless, so I try and make things happen. Trying something new and different could be just the thing you never even knew you needed. Growth comes in different ways – for some it could be engaging in a new activity, no matter how big or small, or learning something new from someone or something. My desire to try something new depends on my mood, but I always try and ensure it happens on a frequent basis. So should you.

A lot of people will put you down for trying to grow and evolve in new and diverse ways. Many people will criticise you, will be unhappy for you and maybe even try and control the way you do things. These are the kind of negative people or things you should stay away from – surround yourself with happy people who make you happy and you’ll start to feel progress immediately.

Personal growth is a beautiful and intimate thing that we should all take time out to think about. We can get so swept away by the stress and tasks of our daily lives that we forget to reflect on what we’ve achieved or experienced.

Make a list of what you’ve achieved, note down how something made you feel, keep a diary or start a blog. This is your journey.

I’ll leave you all with a lovely little song that always makes me feel good about life:

Kodaline – ‘Brand New Day’:


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