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Rihanna and her sheer dress.

Rihanna at the 2014 CFDA fashion awards. (Photo credit: justjared.com)

The clothes we wear tend to be a reflection of the kind of personalities we harbour. It’s a shot at expressing ourselves – at leaving an impression.

Rihanna stepped out at the recent CFDA Fashion awards wearing a sheer, completely see-through floor length-dress. I’m attempting to be reserved in my view of this, but when a woman’s breasts are so vividly displayed for all to gawp at, it becomes quite difficult for someone like me to refrain from commenting…

Why on earth Rihanna felt the need to expose herself in this way, I simply do not know. I understand everyone is entitled to wearing what they want and similarly, exposing what they want, and when we think of Rihanna, we can safely say it’s not first time we’ve seen her reveal some flesh. However, this particular flesh-showing incident highlights to me someone who must seek attention by literally, revealing all. It just seems problematic that as a woman already so famous and popular, Rihanna essentially feeds the media and whole world by dressing in what I feel is simply an attention-seeking outfit. We get it, you’re famous, Rihanna, and in the eyes of many, a very sexy woman. Congratulations.

For me, this is no longer a case of modesty. It’s a case of people being unable to leave anything to the imagination and women specifically not permitting themselves to be seen as something beyond sexual beings. While Rihanna may be expressing her sexuality in a way she deems is okay, I feel that stepping out and wearing such a daring and frankly provocative dress is slightly commendable – as it sure takes guts to step out and reveal your intimate bits as she has -but ultimately, quite futile and frustrating too.

Yet again, this is something an artist like Rihanna could have decided against doing, but while the debates and protests continue for women who wish for female sexuality to be viewed in new and less damaging ways, I’m confused as to whether I should view Rihanna’s dress in a positive or negative way – it could be showing that she’s in control of her sexuality but equally, may be proving that female sexuality is doomed to be controlled and set out for women. Confusing stuff.


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