Jay-Z and Solange: the brawl we didn’t need to know about.

Happy families? Beyonce, Jay-Z and Solange. (Photo credit: The Independent)

Another day, another news story.

This week brought us the glorious CCTV footage of Solange and Jay-Z captured in a family brawl after the Met Gala. Now I say ‘family brawl’, but I think we can safely conclude Solange was the only one brawling here.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have now spoken on the matter and released the all-important statement everyone was waiting for, claiming that “families have problems and we’re no different”.

Well, this is all well and good, but wasn’t that obvious to us anyway?

As many can guess, I’m quite frustrated and concerned by the manner in which the video was unnecessarily released into the public domain by TMZ (I’m guessing whoever sold it received a nice sum of money in exchange for it) and then obsessed over and talked about endlessly. It wasn’t long till the memes and jokes were created and everyone began voicing their opinion on the matter, and as with other celebrity news stories, this video was not dead and buried quickly. Not at all.

However, those laughing and finding the whole incident hilarious fail to understand that there isn’t anything funny about Solange’s behaviour (violence is never the answer) and there definitely isn’t anything funny about poking fun at a video which should never have found its way out into the big wide world in the first place. If this was a domestic occurence within a regular family in an elevator – Met Gala or no Met Gala, celebrity or non-celebrity – I can’t imagine that someone with access to the footage would be itching to hand it over to a flashy website or newspaper and exploit a family’s personal troubles. Why was it necessary for the entire world to see the conflict between Jay-Z and Solange and then laugh about this video, then?

I understand why some might find it funny, but put simply, there is nothing funny to me about a woman hitting a man as Solange hits Jay-Z, and we as the public should be protesting against the release of an otherwise pointless video released for the sole purpose of shattering the perfect image of Jay-Z and Beyonce. Just because they are celebrities and famous, this does not take away from the fact that everyone is entitled to their problems and everyone deserves their privacy. Also, if Jay-Z was hitting Solange, there would not be memes created poking fun at Solange for being beaten – instead, the world would go absolutely bonkers and there would be a catastrophe that a man as famous as Jay-Z hit a woman. So why do we find it funny or somewhat acceptable that Solange is hitting Jay-Z? Is it somehow okay for a woman to be hitting a man and not vice versa? If you laughed and found the video funny, question yourself.

I tweeted this a few days ago but I wish to reiterate that as normal civilians, we really do get a kick out of seeing the downfall of the power couple that is Beyonce and Jay-Z. To finally find a weakness in their family is definitely a triumph in some ways, and this is exactly what TMZ felt when they decided to make the video public. It’s all related to power, and indeed, a power that is corrupt and unnecessary in the bigger picture.

Everyone is entitled to their privacy and I for one feel as though nothing has been gained from us seeing this video. This did not educate us in any way, apart from perhaps understanding that some people seem to find a woman abusing a man funny and fail to understand that Solange attacking Jay-Z still didn’t improve their life in any way.


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