The ‘no make-up selfie’.

I simply can’t go by without expressing my thoughts on the ‘no make-up selfie’ social media campaign.

I think it’s a fantastic idea that a lot of money has been raised since the trend unleashed itself. Over £2 million raised by a campaign that has no link to Cancer Research. That’s pretty amazing! I have also been nominated to take a ‘selfie’ without any make-up on but (no disrespect to the person who nominated me) I can say without hesitation that I always knew I’d never take part in it.

“Why?”, you ask?

It’s actually quite simple. I’ve seen women take these selfies with the wrong kind of attitude. Granted, there are women out there doing it ‘correctly’, but what is actually correct about uploading a picture of yourself without make-up on, screenshotting your message to Cancer Research and publishing it on a social media website for all to see? I cannot help but think people are AGAIN, seeking affirmation from others through this trend. For why is there a sudden relationship between women wearing no make-up, taking a selfie and a desire to donate to charity? Nobody will want to speak up and voice this but I’m sure a lot of people who up till now didn’t donate or never really thought about it suddenly feel very pressured into doing it – simply because everyone else is doing it too. So, are you actually donating from your heart or are you donating because if you get nominated and don’t do it, you’re suddenly going to be branded evil and somehow against beating cancer? How is uploading a photo of yourself without any slap on actually beating cancer anyway? Don’t use the ‘#beatcancer’ tag because that’s not what you’re doing. The sentiment may be nice but…really…why can’t you just donate whenever you feel like it and without the selfie?

I understand that this no make-up selfie campaign has spread ‘awareness’ of cancer, but just hold on for a second. What were people doing before this all started? Wasn’t putting up a Facebook status or tweeting or walking around witih a tin saying “hey, donate to Cancer Research!” also a form of spreading awareness? Why was that not enough but this somehow, is? Now, if someone goes against supporting the ‘no make-up selfie’ campaign, we’re suddenly ‘not spreading awareness’, when actually, a lot of us have probably been doing it way before this trend emerged. We are not the bad guys.

Not to mention that most people are forgetting that there is nothing courageous about putting up a picture without make-up on. Not when you place in this opposition with those suffering from cancer. Young feminist Yomi Adegoke rightly stated the following on BBC Radio 4:

“But if women not wearing makeup is deemed as brave when held against cancer, it does say quite a bit about society today… I know the campaign was to normalise women not wearing makeup, but to suggest that by doing so is being exposing and leaving somebody vulnerable [and] that is problematic”.

Aside from this, I strongly believe that it is an issue when people have to CONFIRM TO OTHER PEOPLE that they have indeed, donated to a charity. I feel a lot of people have forgotten that doing a good deed is not done so you can then tell everybody else about it. You simply do it, and be done with it. If anything, the no make-up selfie is to me, a chance for a lot of women to show they were ‘brave’ enough to shed the make-up and take a selfie while doing so. The donation to Cancer Research is just a small add-on to justify they also donated to charity while fuelling their vanity.

I for one will be donating, firstly, in my own time, and secondly, without attaching a selfie with my donation or taking a screen-shot to prove I did so.


3 thoughts on “The ‘no make-up selfie’.”

  1. I love this so much and you pretty much sum up everything I think about the whole thing! I have seen so many arguments take place because of it – even I got moaned at for something I said.
    I agree, it’s incredible how much money it’s raised – you can’t deny that – but there’s definitely people out there who haven’t had the right attitude about it. To them, it’s about trying to gain praise and acceptance for doing this amazing thing that everyone in the whole damn world could do. I’m currently in the middle of going a sponsored readathon for cancer research – an event I made up entirely by myself and I’ve challenged myself to read 16 books in a week that’s why I haven’t done a “Selfie” because I’m actually DOING something… Something challenging, something that’ll take time and something that I’ll remember doing as a good deed rather than just taking yet another photo of myself and posting it on facebook along with millions of others.
    I’ve seen blog posts from people who, like you, have doubts about the whole thing and I’ve seen many from people who have experienced cancer themselves or through a loved one. The whole idea about “the Selfie is to show how brave we are” is NOTHING compared to what cancer patients go through. Removing your make-up isn’t brave. Losing your hair, going through chemo and being in pain – that. That’s brave.
    Sorry for the slight rant here, great post! Glad to get that off my chest… haha xx

    1. Hi Jenny! Aw thanks so much for reading my post and for the follow too! I’m so glad you agreed with me on this one. Its definitely raised so much debate everywhere and people seem to think we’re the bad guys as I wrote in the post, but yes, the selfie is actually what is problematic here! I love what you’re doing with the readathon, I really think it’s a fantastic idea and I wish you all the best with it! THAT’S the kind of activity people should be engaging in when trying to raise money for cancer, as opposed to blindly sticking up a picture without any make-up on. I’m so glad you’re able to see that side of my argument so thanks again for commenting too and you’re not ranting at all! In fact I’m chuffed that somebody even bothered to comment and air their views like you just did! Good luck again with your readathon!

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