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Is Lady Gaga running out of steam?

(Photo credit: music-mix.ew.com)

It’s not the first time we’ve heard the news that Lady Gaga has done something bizarre, and yet again she failed to disappoint us with her antics at the SXSW (South by Southwest) festival. The main highlights of her performance saw her being roasted above a mechanical spit (as seen above), riding a bull rather ferociously and being vomited on.

Except it’s odd, even for her. We’ve become rather accustomed to knowing that wherever Lady Gaga goes, trouble will more than likely follow, and I feel that globally, people have begun to accept this. However, her performance at SXSW didn’t feel very natural to me, and believe me when I say that there is a certain naturalness that Lady Gaga brings every time she shocks us. Yet everything about her performance in Austin seemed excessive and just… too much. Almost as if she was grabbing whatever bizarre ideas she could find and throwing them at people. Having established that she is indeed somewhat eccentric, I’m finding myself questioning whether Lady Gaga is in fact fading off the spectrum and resorting to more extreme measures in order to keep making a statement and keep coming back with something more? I definitely think so, and I also think that it’s not working very well.

For there has always been a certain originality about Lady Gaga which I have always loved, and since her arrival in the music industry, I have continuously loved everything she stands for – freedom of expression and resistance to conformation and oppression. She is amazing, and an inspiration for many.

Despite this, the performance at SXSW has been a complete and utter disappointment. Spinning around on a makeshift spit, bizarrely riding a bull and being puked on shouts nothing at me except a pop star who is desperately clutching at straws in order to keep herself floating above her contemporaries. We all know the status and standard that Gaga has built up for herself will only mean she pushes herself that little bit more, but how far can someone push themselves before their attempt at being different no longer has any effect?

Her hungry fans demand more, but I can’t help feeling that Lady Gaga will be unable to feed them.


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