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INTERVIEW: Made in Chelsea’s music supervisor Andrea Madden.

'Made in Chelsea' music supervisor Andrea Madden.
Andrea Madden.

It is safe to say that when fans now think of E4’s BAFTA award-winning show Made in Chelsea, it is the impeccable soundtrack that immediately comes to mind.

More recently, the quirky and catchy songs used within each series have been praised and accredited by many, with even The Guardian declaring that Made in Chelsea has the “best soundtrack on TV”. I have no doubt that the show is now creating a massive platform for previously unheard of bands and artists, and it is none other than music supervisor Andrea Madden at the heart of the exquisite music-selection process.

A massive fan of the show and its soundtrack myself, I have loved the music choices Andrea has made and the way they seamlessly heighten the drama that audiences are so gripped by.

I was lucky enough to ask Andrea a few questions, which follow below:

How did you get the role of music supervisor on ‘Made in Chelsea’? Tell us something about your background?

I have worked on Made in Chelsea since series 2 (we are now working on Series 7 – gulp!) and have always been heavily involved in the music choices (it was me who suggested using M83 for the theme tune). So when it came to series 4, I was made the Music Supervisor. I have worked for a band in the past (The Gentle People on Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label) and also started my career as a music researcher on music shows, so have always had a great passion for music.

How do you decide what music to use for each episode?

I immerse myself in the story of a show and either look for a track that will suit the mood and enhance the drama (which can take a while) OR, sometimes a track can be lodged in my head for a while and when watching a scene, it will start playing in my head and I know it’s the right one!

Tell me your thoughts on the ‘Played in Chelsea’ gigs? What kind of effect have they had?

This was our way of celebrating the music we are lucky enough to use on the show. It was just a massive privilege to be part of it and I LOVE that bands embraced it and became a part of it too. There were some amazing moments during those gigs, it was just so much fun!

    Twitter is always buzzing with people showing their love for the soundtrack. How does this make you feel?

I love this!! I get excited about tracks and tweet about music I love, and knowing that people share my love for these tracks is a massive thrill as there is so much good music out there that needs to be heard!!

Who are your own musical influences and heroes?

Wow – so many… and they change on a daily basis. My biggest hero is Bowie. If I could only have one artist’s music it would be his (as he is so many artists in one!)

What music are you listening to right now, and what would you consequently recommend?

I am obsessed at the moment with a track by a guy called Thief called Broken Boy. I have listened to it so many times!

Tell me your favourite ‘Made in Chelsea’ moment so far?!

There are too many to choose from… I love the drama – the end of series 2 with Millie doing the toast to ‘friendship’ where she out’ed Rosie and Hugo… and Andy and Louise’s breakup which was sound-tracked by Asgeir’s Was There Nothing? (our most Shazam’d track!)

  If you could choose a song to sum up your thoughts on each cast member (or any cast member of your choice!), what would it be?

Speaking about ‘Played in Chelsea‘, a massive highlight for me was Don Broco dedicating Whole Truth to Spencer, he he he.

What advice would you give to someone who wishes to enter into a career such as your own?

Obviously, keep up to date with new music. Also, when you are watching a show or films, start to form opinions on the music and figure why things work (or possibly don’t work). I have always listened to music and imagined what kind of scene or film that the track could be used in…

 To end with, what can we expect to hear from the upcoming Series 7 soundtrack?

Sorry, can’t say – my lips are sealed. You will have to wait and see!

On that note, a massive thank you to Andrea for taking the time to answer my questions and also, for giving fans of both the show and soundtrack an insight into your role and telling us abit about yourself! If you’d like to keep up with Andrea, her music recommendations and sneaky tweets related to the show, follow her on Twitter here: [@missyamkm].

I cannot wait to see (or rather, hear!) what the soundtrack for the next series will bring! My anticipation only increases with the confidence that Andrea will yet again create a perfect soundtrack to accompany the show.

Roll on series 7!



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