HAIM: a revolution for female rock musicians.

Photo credit: blog.motelrocks.com

The arrival of HAIM in my playlist has undoubtedly been a very good thing.

Up until a few months ago, I’d never heard anything like them, and was more than intrigued when I first heard ‘The Wire’. These girls sounded so…absolutely…cool. I feel rather embarrassed that I’m not selling them to you better, but HAIM just sounded sublime. Really.

On a more personal note, I haven’t had many female musical heroes to be inspired by. I’m not stating that female rock musicians have been absent from my knowledge as such, but as a teenager growing up in the 21st century, it was a struggle to find someone current to fangirl over. It was increasingly hard to obsess over female rock musicians who were making music and making it well, and obsessing is my forte. My playlist was dominated by male rock bands and it was Hayley Williams of “Paramore” and Florence Welch of “Florence and the Machine” that had my boat floating for a while, but inevitably, I grew bored of them. For a long while now, I have needed something more!

In HAIM, I have found three female idols who fit the bill. They’re making their own music and most importantly, doing something different. I am absolutely crazy about them.

HAIM’s new video for their single If I Could Change Your Mind has just racked up one million views in just two days and features them having a jaunty little dance while seamlessly oozing a sophisticated and once again, extremely cool aura. With a UK number one album (titled Days Are Gone), awards recognising their work and an overall infectious persona, HAIM are (for me) revolutionising the way we view female rock musicians.

Haim, working it.
Photo credit: popdust.com

They are slowly becoming a band that I – and many others – can look up to as stamping their foot down on a largely male-dominated indie/alternative music scene and showing that females in rock aren’t dead just yet. The best thing about them is that HAIM don’t limit themselves to just rock music, as they fuse various elements of pop, rock and even r’n’b to create a sound that feels like it’s opening up a whole new genre. Even their music videos reflect newness and an implicit victory at knowing they’re doing exactly what they want to do. HAIM are taking the bull by the horns and making music that encompasses a whole range of influences. I’m hooked.

Now, this isn’t just the inner feminist in me talking, but someone who has in fact craved for a female band to rave about and be proud of for what feels like a very long time.

So, thank you HAIM, for I am now able to say that firstly, you are making amazing music and secondly, you are paving the way for more women-orientated rock bands to emerge from wherever they are hiding.


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