To be honest…

I recently read a blog post where a fellow blogger complained about the manifestation of the phrase “I can’t even -“.

Likewise, I also have encountered many people overusing the term “to be honest” and adding it to their sentences without reason.

Tell me, are you one of these people? Go on. Be honest.(ahahahahahhahaa).

Right, let’s get this blog post started. I’ve heard it too many times and I’ve read it too many times! The term “to be honest” is so overused that everytime someday writes or says it around me, I find myself recoiling and feeling a pang of irritation. First of all, I was not doubting your authenticity, and second of all, why is there a sudden need for mankind to add ‘tbh’ to every sentence they speak or write? Where has this rise in popularity come from, and why?

Now, from my understanding, ‘tbh’ is widely used amongst the younger generation. I’m talking 15-24 year olds who have probably caught the “honesty disease” from someone else and have internalized this without realising it. I’m not stating that the use of the abbreviation “tbh” or the full-fledged term “to be honest” is somehow wrong, but I am urging people to reflect on its integration within their lifestyle and also think about whether they really needed to make use of it.

Similarly, a lot of youngsters have a tendency to add “though” (actually spelled “tho”) at the end of every sentence:

“Miley Cyrus tho”

“Chilling in my house, tho”

“That ass tho”

As you can imagine, this confuses me too. This is just too much, though.

I’ve had my phases of using internet slang and to some extent, I continue to use abbreviations such as “lol” and … yep, that’s about it. Although I find the overuse of some terms extremely irritating, as a student of English Literature, I find it equally fascinating to know how these terms came about to be used so extensively. In the age of social media, a word or phrase can now achieve so much popularity that we forget to see how popular it has actually become.

I don’t know where the rise of “tbh” came from, but I do think I’d like to know.

Vote below and tell me how you came to use “tbh”.



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