What “Tough Young Teachers” has taught me.

As the BBC Three series Tough Young Teachers comes to an end tonight, I’ve been forced to think about my own aspirations to one day become a secondary school English teacher.

Although I have no plans (as of yet!) to embark on the Teach First “leadership development programme”, the series overall has opened my eyes to viewing the trials and tribulations I will face if I manage to complete my PGCE successfully and become a teacher. Although all the teachers on the show have experienced their own gruelling journey, it is inevitably Meryl’s story which has put things into perspective for me. Seeing her struggle to take control of her lessons and classroom and consequently be flagged as a “cause for concern” has encouraged the realisation that not everything will go to plan as I dive into my prospective teaching career. Toung Young Teachers has therefore done a fantastic job in showing many people – including me – that teaching is a demanding and often draining career, especially through the depiction of Meryl, Charles and Claudenia, who I believe have grown the most throughout the series.

The show has therefore done brilliantly in promoting the Teach First programme as a strenuous and extremely tough process, but secondly, to share how difficult the classroom can be for both teachers and students alike. Watching the teachers fight to establish their place in the classroom has been a beneficial insight for many aspiring teachers around the country, who hopefully have tuned in and witnessed what they will be required to deal with upon completion of their respective teacher training course. If anything, more shows like these need to be aired in order for the right kind of people to enter the education sector and make the difference so needed within schools.

For some, Tough Young Teachers may have been a wake-up call alerting them that teaching is not the career for them. For me, the determination to get into the classroom is now greater than ever. Watching the six trainees blossom has given me the hope that one day, I can do the same.

Thank you Tough Young Teachers, and wish me luck!



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