Life, Women

“Is it that time of the month?”

We’ve all heard it before haven’t we, ladies?

That familiar tone of voice people tend to adopt when they ask or simply state (on occasion):

“Oh, is it that time of the month?”

I’m sorry, I don’t really understand. What time of month? The one where you force me to give you a verbal lashing or the one where I tell you where to stick your assumptions? Hmm?

It’s extremely annoying when people automatically assume that you are annoyed, frustrated or moody because your menstrual cycle is affecting you. It’s almost as if a woman can’t exist without being categorised as being “on her period” purely because she may have reacted sourly. More often than not, it is males who seem to find it funny to pick on women or have “banter” when saying this, and in reality, it’s just not that funny.

If anything, this is a rather outdated manner of thinking. That being said, I must stress that going through the menstrual cycle is a very difficult time for women, and those of the opposite sex who think it is funny when blaming a female’s mood on her period need to get educated! Every woman is firstly, different, and secondly, not prone to becoming more argumentative or “pissed off” when they’re menstruating. It’s a gruelling period (haha!) for some, but I can guarantee that there is absolutely no need for people to assume that monthly blood loss should be equated with females who “lose it”. I for one find it extremely insulting when it is assumed that being on your period is a time where men should “back away” and allow women to “get better”, as if we’re going through some sort of illness. We’re not. It’s normal, and we’re just as human too. Although us women might be fighting uncomfortable downstairs and feeling a little rough, we’re tough cookies thank you!

Additionally, it’s not that funny to laugh about women having to take a day or two off work or not attend school (or wherever they want to go) because of this issue. You do not even want to imagine the woes of menstruation, nuh-uh.

So, next time any male finds himself making a joke about it being “that time of the month”, please remember that one day, you will have a girlfriend/wife/daughter experiencing what we do, and you will be expected to understand and sympathise. Start understanding now rather than later. I’m warning you.


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