University and the complaints that come with it.

I’ve never liked people who attend university only to slaughter it and then moan about being at university.

An avid user of Twitter, I have come across many tweets where people I follow or people I stalk continously express desires along the lines of this:

“Really don’t wanna go back to uni!”

“I hate uniiiiiiiii…….don’t wanna go back!”

“F*** this 9am lecture!”

“F*** this essay man!”

“F*** this coursework I’m gonna fail lol”

“F*** me”. (No thanks)

Now I’m all for freedom of expression but I absolutely hate how people complain about their dissatisfaction regarding their attendance at an institution that they clearly don’t like. University is a pretty awesome place (it has been for me anyway!) and you always have a choice when it comes to deciding what you want to study and where you want to study… and likewise, if you don’t like it, you have also have a choice to leave and pursue something else!

I just can’t get my head around why people attend a university they dislike/hate and study a subject they clearly can’t wake up in the morning to learn about and then moan about the whole fiasco when actually, they could be doing something worthwhile that they actually like and enjoy. It all just seems like such a huge waste of time and energy when you think about the ever-looming £9,000 that students are now paying in tuition fees. You might feel detached from this idea when you think that Student Finance is doing it for you, but when you graduate from the degree you chose to dedicate however many years to, it isn’t them who need to pay it back – it’s you. If you’re hating it right now, imagine how much you’ll hate it when you realise you could have left and avoided the debt that comes with studying for a degree you hate and attending an establishment you loathed. It’ll all be extremely futile.

Another thing I despise is just the sheer ingratitude of people not able to appreciate the phenomenal opportunity they have to broaden their mind and get educated. Approach someone in a third-world country struggling to get an education because they can’t afford it or because they must sacrifice it to help with financial income for their family and moan the way you do – you will most likely be mocked for even THINKING the way that you do. I only have one word regarding the whole moaning-about-university-and-attending-lectures-thing: appreciate.

I’ve ranted, of course, but at the end of it I just feel like people need to stop complaining (because maybe things aren’t that bad) or do something about the unhappiness they feel. We all get a choice in this life and I think if you feel something isn’t working out for you, you should probably get something done about it. If you like, you can stick with the university and degree you’re studying for which makes you upset. Hopefully it’ll amount to something good in the future!

Good luck one and all.



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