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There’s something about Nigella.

Nigella Lawson – she hasn’t had it easy recently, has she?

From the photographs of her being throttled by then-husband Charles Saatchi to the apparent drug taking and now fresh allegations that she cheated on her first husband John Diamond as he died of cancer, Nigella has become front-page news and been embroiled in the media fiasco for a lengthy time.

Now appearing on our TV screens on a weekly basis with Channel 4’s The Taste, I’ve been wondering whether anyone actually cares about the fuss Saatchi has created since the divorce proceedings commenced and since the disturbing photos of a panick-stricken Nigella gripped at the throat first emerged. We all seem to have loved her for a very long time, and I especially have since watching Nigella Express and Nigellissima (I didn’t have a clue who she was prior to that, and I don’t really care, either). Whether we like the fact that her shows are engaging and inspire people to cook or simply that she has a great pair of breasts which seamlessly accentuate her charming persona (you were all thinking it, but I wrote it), I feel the general consensus is that everyone loves Nigella.

Despite some of the negatives we may have heard, it appears that people still continue to vouch for and support her, and I can only pin it down to the fact that she has come out far better off from the revelations and also, been quite honest and open about what has been said and done in her past. Throughout this whole fiasco, Nigella remains a pioneer for women in abusive and/or stifling relationships because she has emerged victorious and left Saatchi bitter and reeling from her departure. Although such “news” shouldn’t be public or exploited by the media (hah!), I feel that Nigella has dealt with it all tremendously well and laughed in Saatchi’s face after the fallout. Retaning her poise and “oomph” as some may call it, I can see why a lot of people remain firmly on her side. She’s pretty ace in my eyes…

…and she’s hot. Dayyyuuummm!


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