Confidence is key.

I’ll be the first to admit that being confident is a really hard thing to do. A few years ago, I had zero confidence and always put it down to just being a quiet and shy person. Of course, this wasn’t true. I just felt scared of putting myself out there in case I ran a risk of looking like a total idiot in front of the people I had to face. As you can imagine, having such negative thought processes didn’t benefit me at all. So at some point, I decided to change it up and not care what people thought about me, and thus emerged the Martha that stands in front you all today. I’m not even standing in front of you but… you get the gist.

Now, to stand in front of people and give a presentation or be brave enough to tell someone something difficult can often be one of the hardest things that we are faced with. Yet, what do we actually have to lose by giving it a go?

If we lack courage to act on something it’s only because our mind makes us believe that we’re going to be laughed at or that things will go so horribly wrong that we’ll find ourselves drowning in a pool of misery and embarrassment and whirl around until nobody cares anymore. This of course, is far from the case.

Most of the time, people don’t care. We’ll spend most of our lives in constant fear of never being able to do something we really want to do or be someone we really want to be, and the only person stopping us from getting anywhere is ourselves. Confidence is a trait that not everyone is blessed with unfortunately, as of course many factors contribute to it either being high or low. However, it is something that we can work on, and that in itself is something beautiful.

Once you change your thought patterns a little and begin to think that you are fabulous, you will only go on to radiate fabulous-ness and get your confidence up, up and away. So, if you say it to yourself like a mantra (“I am fabulous”, that is) it will only become true and pave the way for you to become more confident. It’s a simple thing but I think it’s pretty effective.  Feeling confident seems like a hard thing to do, but just think about it: why would you even think about or decide to go ahead with something you claim to be unconfident about? Surely, somewhere within you, there is something encouraging you to be a go-getter…

It’s that something which I think a lot of people need to work on developing. Develop it so much that you ooze confidence and become an obnoxious smart-ass who thinks they’re amazing at everything and-

No. Refrain from doing that. Just work on your confidence, you have nothing to lose or prove.


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