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The obvious New Year post.

So, here we are again.

It’s the end of yet another year and we should probably take a minute or two to thank our lucky stars or the heavens above (or whatever you want to thank) that we managed to get through 2013 and are now fortunate enough to see the new year in! That’s always a good feeling.

I never really have resolutions, because I suppose when I want to do something I just start whenever I please. However,  the 1st of January is always a nice little date for many to begin reflecting on what they did the year before – which maybe didn’t bode well with them – and from that, aim to make their present and future somewhat better. Change is always welcome in my books and I think it doesn’t matter whether you want to start now or wait until you connect with that feeling one experiences when the new year officially begins. I think resolutions are pretty cool.

I’ve been thinking about some of my aims for 2014 and as ever, I wished to share them with anyone who might care in the slightest. Here they are:

1. Keep up my pledge to be more honest in life.

2. Invest my energy in people and things who really deserve it.

3. Pass my second year of university with a first or 2:1.

4. Work on my photography skills/video making skills and hopefully, share some short movies and/or vlogs with people.

5. Sucessfully apply for a PGCE in Secondary teaching over the summer.

6. Engage in more volunteering activities.

7. Secure a job and/or internship over the summer.

8. Be more brave.

9. Get active/exercise more.

10. Bake more interesting things.

Hopefully, I can return to these aims by the end of 2014 and tick them off as “done”, provided that I’m around to do so (fingers crossed). As it is my last blog post of the year, as ever, I’d like to thank anyone who reads it and takes the time to tell me they liked a certain post. It fills me with so much happiness to know that people even click and have a look at my blog.

Lastly, a massive thank you to the people who have made my 2013 as amazing as it was. You know who you are.

I wish I could say something cool like “amazing new posts coming ahead in 2014” but all I can promise is that I’ll try and write something… anything.

Let’s hope they’ll be any good.

Happy New Year!


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