Moving on.

If I have learned anything from the end of this year, it has been that unexpectedly, we can decide to put an end to things which make us unhappy in our life. Whether we make an irrational decision or spend a lengthy time thinking about it, inevitably, some things must come to an end.

The last few weeks of this year are far from the dream end I had imagined. I’ve accomplished a lot and had many happy times, but as ever, we must learn to take the negatives with the positives. More than anything, I have learned that sometimes, we need to let go of people and things which are either not in our control, not worth the time and energy or simply, broken beyond repair. Moving on from something that makes you unhappy is an extremely hard thing, but if anyone else is attempting to do this, then all I can imagine is that the oncoming future brings brighter and better things for you. We can all spend time looking back on the past and trying to figure out what we could have done better, pondering over thewhat if…” in a situation, but ultimately, the past is exactly that, the past, and if anything, we should focus on trying to make our present the best that we can.

Moving on from someone/something takes time – just as wounds don’t heal overnight, neither can a person’s emotional or mental state towards a certain situation. What’s important to remember however, is that there are positive people around you who you must surround yourself with, and of course, better opportunities waiting on what may seem a blurred horizon (for now!). Ridding yourself of sources of stress and going with your gut instinct is the best thing you can do, both for others and for yourself. If you believe in something, act on it.

We can all try to put energy into fixing things or constantly fret about what has happened in the past, but ultimately, we need to give ourselves a break and believe that we’ve done is the right thing. If you can really feel it in your bones that you’ve made the best out of a situation, or tried your hardest, then you deserve to be able to move on and make your life what you want it to be.

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby.


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