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Mirror mirror on the wall…

There’s this really annoying myth about how women tend to spend a long time in front of the mirror, and how they spend a really long time getting ready and as you’ve already guessed, this is a myth I want disspelled!

It’s not even true that we spend aaaaaaaaaaaaaages checking to see if we look okay. It’s such a sweeping statement that I’m just going to have to sweep it off … my… blog… okay, never mind.

It’s kind of tiring hearing men complain that women are always spending hours getting ready or checking their face is looks okay in the mirror. It’s one of those jokes which nowadays, doesn’t seem to get many laughs from women who look fabulous after spending just a few minutes here and there at the most to make sure they look presentable before heading out. It’s not even funny because the whole concept of a woman spending more time in front of the mirror than men is now so, so oudated!

I’m sure that people have noticed the recent bloom in male grooming. It’s obvious that men are now going the extra mile to make themselves look and feel prettier and better. From their hair to their moisturiser and what kind of shoes they’re going to wear with their outfit, it’s quite apparent that men – in some cases – are surpassing women when it comes to spending time on how they look. I’m sure that in all the suveys and polls that are carried out, many men probably lie about how long they spend getting ready, radiating instead the same old:

“who me nahhhhhh I just have a quick shower ya know just chuck on the ol’ pair of trousers and head out on the prowl natmean.”

No, I don’t know what you mean, because the male gender has unfortunately bought into the stereotype that it’s the woman who spends longer using the mirror and so carry on buying into it, concealing that they probably spend a large amount of time in front of the mirror themselves. Fearing the judgement of a society that will always find something to moan about, men continue to rave on about how long women spend getting ready or using the mirror, and frankly, it’s just so yawn-inducing. Men are doing it too now, you can say it loud and proud:

“Hey, I use the goddamn mirror to make sure I look fine as hell before I leave for a night out!!

There is nothing wrong with women spending however long they want to get ready anyway, or men, for that matter. People are allowed to take pride in their appearance and if that means they want to spend an hour, or two, applying their make up or doing their hair, then they are sure as hell entitled to!


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