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Why Lady Gaga is pop royalty…

“I want people to see the breadth of the album… my diversity as a writer”.

Lady Gaga just keeps on giving more, and more. I don’t care if she is stripping naked in her performances or walking around on stage covering her breasts with mermaid-type shells. Lady Gaga is beautiful, and she is what makes pop culture reign supreme in the torrent of disastrous music that continues to overpower the music industry we now know.

I’ve been waiting for Gaga to return with a bang, and after her disappearance for around two years, I was beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms. The music industry needs Lady Gaga, even if she does come with eccentric outfits and a quirky manner. The last time I listened to pop music was when Britney Spears could still sing and when music wasn’t defined by collaboration upon collobaration of rubbish musicians producing repetitive beats and the same, boring lyrics.

Applause initially had me worried, and solely because I didn’t really get into the nitty-gritty of it all when I first listened. It took a friend to sing it in a rather catchy manner for me to then go home, listen and realise that I actually really liked it. With Applause firmly planted in my mind as a promise of good things to come, the hype surrounding Artpop is successfully getting me excited for another helping of Gaga’s genius.

Lady Gaga is for me, phenomenal. She does what no other artist can do or replicate, and that is bring something completely different and refreshing to the table every time she makes music. Not only does she seem to be growing with each album, but she is stripping away another layer of her diversity.

I think Lady Gaga’s secret campaign to revolutionise music will only get stronger as the years progress. We are currently in the midst of an already legendary pop icon.


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