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Is it really that simple, Simple?

I’ve suffered from eczema ever since I was a child.

It isn’t the most pleasant condition to have, and thankfully, my eczema isn’t as bad as other peoples, or worse than the much more life-threatening conditions out there, but it’s something that is saddening nevertheless.

During primary school, I had to take a few months off when it got really, really bad and pretty much had me confined to my house. I didn’t go out because my skin was awful, and I felt diseased and thought I’d be laughed and stared at. I remember walking around with my hood up if my parents dragged me out somewhere. This isn’t a time I look back on fondly, boo hoo.

Anyway… my eczema has improved SO much over the last years. It was a funny time when my family and I tried finding a cure for it, the kind where you resort to going to a temple in India and bathing in holy water, expecting divine intervention to suddenly make everything okay. That didn’t work so much.

What actually worked was a cream from Ghana, which has sterioids, and is potentially making me addicted to it. My story just gets so much better, I know.

When I thought my skin was getting better, I began getting spots on my hands, little bumps filled with weird liquid, and suddenly my hands were flaring up and had been affected my eczema, or dermatitis, its official name. The spread of my eczema to my hands has made me pretty upset. I usually avoid shoving my hands in people’s faces (because that’s what normal humans do… duh) and generally try to keep them hidden because they don’t look how I want them to look. I have rough hands, which look wrinkly and have cracked skin sometimes bleeding or peeling. I guess everybody has imperfections that make them lose their confidence a little – this is mine!

Fed up of feeling like this, I decided to find a new cream that could potentially change things for me, as so many products nowadays are promising a lot when it comes to bringing about change. I looked into the ‘Simple’ brand and really liked the look of it. A week or so ago, I headed out and purchased the disappointingly small hand cream shown above, still excited at the prospect that my hands would feel and look better.

The 4 day promise is I think, a little exaggerated. It took about about 6-7 days for the effects to start kicking in – those effects were smoother feeling hands, hydrated skin, no cracking or bleeding or peeling. I was ecstatic! Finally, I was using a cream that was alleviating my eczema symptoms. Maybe it could stop me from using the Ghanaian cream which may potentially leave me dependent on it for life…?

No. It won’t. After a week of using Simple’s ‘Derma Intensive Relief Hand Cream’, I was scratching my hands in the middle of the night yet again (which I often end up doing without even realising it). I woke up the next day and used the hand cream 3-4 times during the day, as it recommends, and as I had been doing, and the patches of eczema got worse. You can probably tell I was really, really upset. It had failed. Perhaps I’m expecting results overnight, but I think I am kind of desperate and impatient with the constant scratching and itchyness.

So begins my search to find an alternative, and one that will not promise 4 days of goodness and then bring my eczema back harsher than ever! If anyone is reading this and is a sufferer or can help in any way, please comment and let me know, because I kind of need some help.

P.S. Sorry for the sob story, I won’t be depressing in my next post.


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