Song of the week: “No.1 Party Anthem”.

As everyone already knows, Arctic Monkeys emerged this year with a whopper of an album which pretty much took everyone by storm. If you weren’t mindblown by the genius of the band, then I think I have to go on a personal mission to force people to listen to the best-selling album of this year and make room for the Arctic Monkeys in their heart.

Alex Turner once began a performance of I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor with the statement “don’t believe the hype”, seconds before the Arctic Monkeys erupted into one of the most defining indie rock songs of the 21st century.

What I can tell you now is that Turner clearly knew that the Monkeys weren’t an ordinary band… and if anything, you definitely shouldbe believing the hype.

Now I don’t know if “song of the week” is something I’ll be doing regularly on my blog, but this week it occurred to me how fantastic the song No.1 Party Anthem was from their album, AM. Listening to it on my bus journey to uni, Turner’s slow and melancholic voice –  which admittedly I had before bypassed in order to listen to Knee Socks, Arabella or I Wanna Be Yours – suddenly filled me with a really weird feeling in my stomach.

Setting the scene of a party, Turner recalls the environment one finds themself in before the defining party song plays, while focusing on the mysterious female that the male in the song is half in love with. Egging on the the party anthem to “come on, come on, come on, before the moment’s gone”, Turner propels the song forward to the heartbreakingly empty yet echoey guitar riffs that pervade the entire song and leave you feeling a little bit lost and sad. His vocals, as usual, hit the spot.

My favourite lyric from song has to be “Call off the search for your soul, or put it on hold again”. I think we’ve already established that Alex Turner is somewhat of a God when it comes to stringing words together and making a song out of it, but that sentence just sums up the entire feel of the song for me. There’s something about the way the music changes when he sings the lyrics that really gets to me. I definitely felt like I was like a lost little soul floating around the party with nowhere to go, waiting for the anthem to play…’cause I guess soul-searching is something we as humans try to do throughout our whole lives… do we ever really get anywhere with it? What is the soul really? Why are we here? Why are you here? Go away… I’M JOKING HAHA. Got you there. Please stay.

Okay this post is getting too deep. Listen to the song, it’s beautiful and depressing. I’ve shared the link above.


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