I know you like the back of my hand…

As humans, I believe we like to think we know people close to us, whether that be our friends, family or our partners.

What I’ve been thinking about is just how well we actually know people around us. For example, you could have a best friend (awesome), and they could believe that they know you “inside out”, and say all those cheesy things about how they’ve known you for so long and they’re so glad that they know everything about you…

…but actually, they probably don’t.ย  As sad as that sounds, only we as individuals know ourselves the most, and sometimes, even knowing what kind of person you are is quite difficult to grasp. This idea of knowing someone or even knowing ourselves is such a complex thing, that I feel we’ve got to take care when we think we know somebody. We tend to say things about people, such as “I know her like the back of my hand” or “I know him so well”, but if the back of multiple people’s hands were lined up or scattered somewhere, would we even be able to spot and identify our own?

I think we like to instill a belief in people that they know us somehow, when actually, they know probably just half of us, if not less than that. I’ve had lots of people say to me that they know me, but actually, they don’t, and I don’t think I’m going to encourage them in believing they’ve got so close to me that they now know me like I don’t even know myself. Another weird saying: “I know you better than you know yourself”. No, actually, you don’t. So… please back off.

The thoughts that run through an individual’s mind are so private and unknown that we can attempt to know somebody, but never fully can, no matter how close our relationship with them may be. I’ll be cautious when assuming I fully know someone close to me, because I probably know a very small fraction of them.



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