Foals to win the Mercury Prize 2013!


Earlier today, the much anticipated nominations for the 2013 Barclaycard Mercury Prize were revealed, and the favourites to win are the band I’ve fallen in love with this year, Foals.

Foals have been hanging around for far too long, and after missing out on a win last year to Alt-J, I finally think it’s their time to shine. Holy Fire is definitely the record which has defined them as musicians who are striking in their own right. Their third album has set the bar high and means that even the likes of Arctic Monkeys – who with AM look to have the fastest selling album of the year – look weak in front of them.. and they’ve created a WHOPPER of an album!

Holy Fire, released earlier this year, has the perfect mix of highs and lows. From the dancey “My number” to the extremely personal “Bad habit”, Yannis Philippakis and co. have produced a record that is definitely close to their heart, producing songs which all seem to come from the band’s core. Yannis’ echo-filled, almost haunting vocals and the electro-funk beats which pervade the album are all reminders that Foals have grown since their previous two albums, achieving a more raw and nurtured sound.

It fills me with joy to know that already, people are rooting for Foals to win. This year, after I experienced a dry patch where I found no good albums from start to finish (a very difficult time for me), Holy Fire firstly, soundtracked my summer and secondly, established that the indie rock genre continues to produce artists full of genius.

I think there’s a huge need for Foals to win the Mercury Prize and become known for their continuous efforts, brilliant musical composition and lyrics.

Someone hand them the prize already?


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