Miley Cyrus: twerking extraordinaire.


Once upon a time, a girl named Miley Cyrus won over the hearts of many teenagers when she played the role of the much-loved, bundle-of-joy type character “Hannah Montana”.

Now, Miley Cyrus crushed the heart of those same teenagers (and many other enraged people) as she rubbed her shapely backside against the crotch of Robin Thicke last night at the MTV VMAs.

The phenomenon of “twerking” came to unwelcomed light when Miley Cyrus decided to twerk on stage in a highly provocative fashion, while simultaneously stunning millions of audiences worldwide. The transformation of the bubbly teenager with her long locks and charming personality into a somewhat frighteningly alarming sexual young woman seems to have taken people by storm, and her performance last night was remembered by many for all the wrong reasons.

Erupting on stage and constantly sticking her tongue out like a demonic animal, Miley Cyrus looked set to cause trouble from the start. With many teenagers gawping at their screens and many adults accompanying their little ones in the home, Miley’s performance was far from a PG rating, and if MTV thought it was acceptable to show the idol of many a child acting in a sexually explicit way, then boy did they get it wrong. To show a young woman so overtly putting herself out there and letting a sexualised performance pave her way to success is disgusting.

Miley Cyrus twerking and shoving her backside in Robin Thicke’s special bit was just not cool. Not only did she look like a cheap and slightly white version of Beyonce or Rihanna, but she also looked like a girl that was trying too hard. Notice the use of the word “girl”… because that’s all she actually is. A silly little girl trying to establish herself as a mature, young woman really making it in the music industry. However, a toned midriff and eccentric clothing won’t make you a woman, and certainly not a desirable one.

Miley Cyrus’ transformation has not been welcomed by many, and although I’m all for leaving people to do what they want and respecting individuality, I do believe that her performance was slightly repelling. Of course, she has grown out of her Hannah Montana days and clearly wishes to present herself in a different light, but I don’t think she’s picked the best… light. If anything, Miley Cyrus is allowing herself to be engulfed in darkness of the stupid kind, and it’s only getting worse.


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