Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 9 review.

If you didn’t already know, the final half of the phenomenal Breaking Bad‘s season five returned yesterday, bringing eager audiences the lead up to the much awaited season finale.

I better warn anyone reading this post that my review of the most recent episode, The Blood Money, will contain spoilers. Now, I don’t particularly enjoy spoiling anyone’s fun, so if you’ve been too busy to watch the most talked-about show ever, click your way out of this blog and read something else, seriously. It’s in your best interest. Anyone else who loves this show as much as me and watched last night’s episode, please continue…

So, in the beginning of the episode we see our beloved Walter White back with a new, slightly cool hairstyle and a cool, complimentary beard. Sporting a new look – which is fitting, seeing as the makers of the show ensure his appearance fits his transitions throughout the series – Walt appears once again, a changed man. Walking into his now-ruined and decaying home, he peeks out the window and watches some scrawny teenager-types skateboarding in the pool we’ve become so familiarised with. With my excitement rapidly building, the moment I laid eyes on Carol’s gaping mouth and frightened face was the moment I knew Breaking Bad was back in full swing. Cue the theme tune my ears were so delighted to hear and here I was watching the show I have missed dearly for the most part of a year. We’re back in action.

The episode was definitely worth the wait. The introduction of Hank had me completely on edge. My mind was racing with only one question: “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN?”. With him appearing back from the bathroom completely freaked out after finding the book, Hank’s hasty departure and subsequent heart attack increased the tension sky-high for me. What a brilliant way to show a cop completely derailed by the realisation that his brother-in-law has been the man behind the craziest drug manufacturing business to possibly ever have existed. It was just so good.

The Blood Money was filled with the obvious highs and lows, and I’m glad to say there were more highs, which is obviously a great thing. The only negative I found in the episode was the lack of screen-time Jessie got, and the fact that when he did get it, it was at a pace too slow for me. I definitely felt the moments when Jessie appeared on screen were stretched out and didn’t add much to the entire action overall. With that being said though, I did especially love the scene where Jessie finds himself completely overwhelmed by the recent deaths he has been a part of and throws the “blood money” into the front-yards of random houses. I think this captured the sheer madness of Walt and Jessie’s collaborative experience really well. Both of them managed to earn the money they so wanted, but in the end have discovered that they have no idea how to handle it.

Of course, the ending of the episode is applause-worthy. The showdown and confrontation between Hank and Walt was fantastic. The punch Hank threw Walt made me jump with joy and then had me glued to the screen for the ensuing action. At this moment, the tension was just unbearable. The garage door closing and confining the opposing characters in the show, who you both want to help in their own way, reminded me of the fact this was most definitely the final season of the show. Not only will the chapter of Breaking Bad be closed, but as an audience, we will receive closure when it finally comes to an end and leaves us with a void that can’t be filled. Face-to-face with Heisenberg and the man who has had him spinning in circles for so long, Hank’s loss of control and Walt’s reminder that although a dying man, he is not going down without a fight, proves that this show still has so much to give. Yet of course, although Walt is the obvious flawed character in the show, he is our flawed hero, and my sympathy and support for him overflowed at this point.

To finish off, I was a little disappointed that Hank knew everything. A part of me still wanted him to continue his investigations and perhaps push aside his suspicions, but admittedly, this was the silly part of me that is also aware of Hank’s intelligence – as if he could let such an obvious clue slide! I guess the ending of the episode only confirmed for me that the writers have done a spectacular job in keeping their audience guessing. I for one have no idea what could possibly happen in the next episodes that lead to the end.

Of course, Walt is going to die at some point because of his cancer, but now that Hank knows what is going on… where do we go from here?

Bring on the next episodes of Breaking Bad, I’m excited beyond measure.



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