It’s Peter Capaldi…


After months of hype, rumours and guessing, the 12th Doctor has finally been revealed.

Peter Capaldi has been unveiled as the newest actor selected to play the most coveted role in British television history. Revealed just a few minutes ago, Capaldi aims to fill the shoes of the many talented actors who have played the role before him.

My first impression of Capaldi as the Doctor to the list was sheer happiness. Just the way he presented himself and emerged gave a promise to many Doctor Who fans that he will most likely bring something incredibly different to the show. What I felt was especially good is how a younger or less unknown actor wasn’t selected – Capaldi has a familiar and warm significance about him. I think it’s this energy that will gain him credit and popularity once he starts his role as the Doctor.

Although it will be extremely difficult for Capaldi to top Matt Smith, I think he may be able to do it, if not show that he’s just as special as any Doctor before him.

This is so exciting!




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