Why you should be watching “Orange is the New Black”.

Orange is the New Black has been receiving a lot of praise recently. I  myself came across many an article constantly telling me to watch the show, and although I tried avoiding becoming a fan of a new TV show (because I’m so bad at finishing them) I had a huge feeling that Orange is the New Black would probably be very good…

…and I was right. Anyone reading this post should flock to any TV-show streaming website and watch the first season of the show, if not a few episodes to get a feel of it. Here are five reasons why I think you should be watching Orange is the New Black:

1. It makes you laugh!

I think we’ve all had enough of shows that are dark and twisted and constantly keep you on your feet. Although that’s good for mentally stimulating you, I believe it’s important to have a break from intense and strenuous programmes and watch TV that brings a smile to your face, or makes you laugh out loud at least once or twice in an episode. Orange is the New Black will definitely make you feel a little happier as you meet characters who are all distinctly memorable, with bubbly and strange personalities that leave you shaking your head or simply with your head in your hands. The characters, who are all lively and bizarre, add the comic element which propels the show forward and leaves you feeling somewhat attached to them. Even more hilarious than that is the discussions about sexuality, sex and religion that emerge from the show, not to mention the various goings-on within the prison which are extremely praise-worthy.

2. It’s set in a prison. That’s cool.

I’m sure other dramas may have been set in prison, but this is a first for me (and possibly for many). Orange is the New Black explores the lives of the female inmates both inside and outside the prison while focusing on their past and present. The show attempts to give what is possibly a realistic insight into the lives of an American female prison. For example, we get a glimpse of sneaky prison politics, the relationships between the women, the corruption that resides amongst the employees and the ups and downs that come with being a convict. This prison drama definitely leaves you thinking on an emotional level, which some TV programmes can fail to do.

3. It tugs at your heart-strings.

Orange Is the New Black definitely reaches out to people on an emotional level. Now, I’ve never had to associate myself with anyone who has criminal convictions or had to visit a member of my family in prison, but the stories that emerge from within the four walls of the prison somehow feel personal. The back-stories of the females that the show centres around are touching, and make you think twice about those held within a prison faculty. I guess what the show aims to do is remind us that criminals can also be kind and good-hearted too, if not have a good conscience despite the mistakes they have made. The show surprised me, so I’m sure it would surprise others too.  

4. It’s about a sense of community. No matter how warped.

The togetherness of the female inmates conveys a huge sense of belonging and community. Everyone helps each other out, and despite some groups sometimes disagreeing, you do get the feeling that underneath it all, there is love between everyone. I think that’s really nice to find in a programme. It can give you a warm feeling to watch a show that brings people together even in harsh circumstances.

5. It’s easy to follow.

Orange is the New Black doesn’t beat around the bush and leave you second-guessing events. It is what it is. Every episode gives you a simple yet effective plot to follow, and before you even know it, the 50 or so minutes of each episode are over and you find yourself flocking to the next episode. It literally grips you and makes you want more.

I think I’ve covered enough areas. I now leave it to anyone reading this post to find the time to give this show a chance. It’s definitely promising, if anything.


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