“No roads to Kandipar…”


I’m not a fan of Indian news channels, but my parents are forever obsessed with wanting to keep up to date with any news occurring in the country. This is how I came across a story which left me not only very thankful, but also counting my lucky stars.

In India, Madhya Pradesh, lies a small village called Kandipar. The news story I was so touched by told how children went to school by walking along train tracks, and crossing not one, but three perilous railway bridges, which – if they were met with a train – could kill them instantly.

The images that struck me the most was of the children swinging along the sides of the bridges and tracks, almost like monkeys, on all fours. They did this in order to balance themselves while they concentrated on making their frightening journey to school. While those of us in more developed countries take walking to school or getting the bus for granted, these children were travelling to school and putting themselves in danger to receive an education. One child talked of how a risk had to be taken in order to receive an education and have the luxury of going to school. Additionally, a mother was shown getting her children ready for school and sending them off, relaying how every morning and afternoon she was left in a state of constant worry and with a racing heart, as she hoped for the safe departure and arrival of her children.

Although there is a road connecting the village to the school, it is muddy and flooded with filthy, disease-ridden water, making it difficult for any villager to walk or ride a bike to any destination which lies beyond it. Images showed people dragging their feet through the dirty water as they attempted to reach their destinations, which was just so saddening.

If anything, this news report has reinforced my gratefulness of being able to achieve an education, and of being able to have travelled to school and university so comfortably for so so long. So for that, thank you Aaj Tak. Although the news report is in Hindi, the main presenter is speaking in English too, so if anyone wishes to watch a clip of the report for themselves, I will share the link below.

I take my hat off to these children who risk their life to achieve an education, while children here in England throw their education away and complain about going to school. I hope this blog post reaches out to someone who thinks school sucks and education is a waste. Be grateful.


(Skip to 2:50!)


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