Atheist churches.

The debate about whether God exists or not is one that will continue to evolve over time. Those non-believers who question the existence of God call themselves atheists, and recently, the news of an atheist church has caught the attention of many.

In North London, the “Sunday Assembly” is a meet-and-greet where atheists congregate and attend what has been dubbed an “atheist church”. Here is a group of people trying to build a sense of community as they express themselves with other non-believers, and that’s great, I’m all for that…

…except, why call it a “church”? The people who gather here sing along to Queen, read from Alice in Wonderland and try discussing anything but God…and it’s not just happening in the UK, it’s now something shifting to the US. So, if this new atheist revolution is taking place in a church, regardless of whether it is a ruined one or not, I can’t help but feel that this might be a complete mockery of any religion that places God at the centre of their universe (which by the way, is probably the majority that exist). If atheists are meeting to rid themselves of any boundaries placed by a Christian (or non-Christian) faith, then why is the label of a church attached to their atheist institution? Isn’t it the church establishment that they are trying to run away from? With the church being the place of worship for Christians, why are atheists setting up a non-believing home here? I’m a little confused. This is the place they reject (to some extent).

I think that those attending an “atheist church” should possibly rethink what they’re labelling the establishment they are visiting when they engage in non-religious activity. A church isn’t for atheists, so perhaps it should be labelled an “atheist building”, or perhaps something more inventive than that.


1 thought on “Atheist churches.”

  1. Church means:
    1.A building used for public Christian worship.
    2.A particular Christian organization, typically one with its own clergy, buildings, and distinctive doctrines: “the Church of England”.
    Makes no sense to me at all.

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