Aww, poor baby!

The latest trend nowadays seems to be glam-pregnancies (I’ve labelled it that myself). By this, I’m referring to when women are close to giving birth and ensure that they look pristine for when it comes to taking those all-important post-birth pictures. I’m not talking about mothers-to-be brushing their hair a bit and excessively deodorising, but when they go all out and make sure their highlights are in, nails manicured and fake tan perfect before they endure the painstaking experience of giving birth to a baby.

Similarly, I’ve noticed a lot of pressure on celebrities to shed their post-pregnancy weight and live up to the skinny image that is so accepted within society. In the past,  Christina Aguilera has been hounded for becoming somewhat larger after childbirth, as has Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears, but the latest figure to come under fire is mother of  the thoughtfully named “North West”, Kim Kardashian. Now we all know that she is famed for her good looks and “perfect” body, but it is sad to see the pressure piled onto Kim to lose the weight. Just a week or so after giving birth, she is already beginning to get active and lose the weight she has gained during her pregnancy. Now this isn’t entirely a bad thing – being active and healthy is always a positive, but I can’t help and think, why is it considered so bad to have piled on the pounds after you have allowed a baby to grow inside you for 9 months? Do people expect that women will automatically become their previous self again after such a life-changing event? Pregnancy means you will become big. Very big.

Of course, I understand that Kim Kardashian has more pressure on her shoulders to lose the weight she has gained because she is constantly in the limelight – her career demands that she looks desirable, but does thin necessarily mean beautiful? Would it be so bad if she just decided she wants to remain a lot larger than she previously was? Why, of course not! Fear of judgement in the tabloids and globally means that physically, she must look like the same Kim Kardashian that men drool over and women aspire to look or be like… and it’s not just Kim Kardashian who has to suffer. Every woman who gives birth has a pressure of knowing she must somehow become the thinner woman she was (unless, she wasn’t) before giving birth to an entire human being.

When such news comes to my attention, pregnancy seems no longer to be a beautiful and enduring, raw journey, where woman sweat, swear, shout, moan and look honestly, quite disgusting, when they give birth. This trend of needing to look good and presentable prior to childbirth and then having to immediately shed the weight for me, takes away from the beauty of bringing a baby into this world.


2 thoughts on “Aww, poor baby!”

  1. I honestly think it is ridiculous what some women put themselves through…I still remember how Heidi Klum had her kid and two weeks later was running for VS…plus it’s not only bad for them but they’re also passing the image that losing weight as soon as you give birth is the “natural” thing to do…they’re giving young (and not so young) girls the wrong idea..

    The Austrian Rose

    1. That’s so true! It’s a shame that their global influence goes to waste when they promote what is essentially false ideas of body image! Thanks for your input!

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