“The White Queen”deserves a chance.

BBC One’s brand-new costume drama The White Queen has been one that was highly anticipated. After just broadcasting its second episode, it is clear that Sunday-night TV is dominated by its presence. However, after the airing of its first episode, many have taken to slaughtering the programme this week and deciding that actually, it wasn’t really that good.

Over the week I’ve read about how this adaptation – based on the novels of Phillipa Gregory and set around the time of the War of the Roses – has been scrutinized for minute details which TV audiences have singled out. Worried about historical accuracy is a given, but some TV audiences are bordering on being silly. For example, many have complained about the incorrect costumes, in which zips have been used, and have spotted drainpipes or metal hanging around behind the scenes. Who cares if a double-glazed window made a brief appearance? When I read such nonsense, it pains me to think that people don’t appreciate the sheer amount of effort and time that has gone into producing a programme which actually, is fantastic.

This is a project which has cost millions of pounds for the BBC, where the producers have gone as far as Belgium to get a location as accurate as Medieval England.  We must remember that we’re living in the 21st century and it is extremely difficult for any makers of a programme to even attempt a perfect representation of Medieval England. Somewhere, somehow, something will not be right. Rather than focusing on the inconsistencies, I think the show actually deserves commendation for its choice of location, costume and cast. I couldn’t give a hoot if there was Georgian windows filmed or modern guttering found lurking around the historical drama, I care about the acting, the action and following the plot – which by the way, is rather good.

We must remember that to get everything absolutely perfect is sometimes quite difficult, and TV productions shouldn’t be ruled out. I can only feel that when audiences are unimpressed with a mighty production like The White Queen it’s frankly quite ridiculous. This programme is worth a watch and definitely one of the best BBC adaptations I have watched to date.


1 thought on ““The White Queen”deserves a chance.”

  1. Fully enjoy the drama The White Queen and am not so petty minded to look for drain pipes or not. Do have some problems with the hair cuts, but think the sets stunning and as accurate as they can be. The women are strong and the plots fast moving and dramatic. The acting is great. Have a problem with the obsessive witchery of Elizabeth and her mother, but this is fiction and entertainment. And as such is very well done. Cheers

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