Why “Made in Chelsea” deserves a BAFTA tonight.

Many people will hear someone utter Made in Chelsea and run a mile, thinking it is a shambles of a TV show and not worthy of any kind of recognition. The assumed view is that this is absolute trash TV – a reality show even worse than say, Big Brother. This is what I also used to think, until I came across an episode and was from then on, completely addicted to what has now become one of my favourite TV shows on… TV.

Made in Chelsea has been nominated – in extremely good time – for a BAFTA tonight. A lover of the show, and unafraid to admit it now, I think the show deserves an award more than its rivals in the ‘Reality & Constructed Factual’ category. Some people reading this might be completely annoyed by my view, or will find it extremely difficult to read on, but allow me a chance to explain why the show needs to win.

First and foremost, this show entertains. Of course, The Apprentice does too, as does I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! – there’s no doubt about that. Yet what Made in Chelsea offers is a promise of gossiping to come, verbal abuse to become awkward, arguments to irrationally explode  and break-ups that leave you laughing your heart out. On some occasions, this show has the potential to leave you with your head in your hands, wondering if this is life. However, Made in Chelsea depicts the real life of real people, is scripted and then dished out to its audience in order to reel them in and make them want to watch, week after week. Granted, the shows Made in Chelsea is competing with offer laughs and moments which may leave a lasting impact, but what this particular show does is make your week that much better by showing you that, for the rich and famous, it really isn’t easy either. They need to decide where to go on their next holiday, where to dine or have supper (because that’s still a word people use nowadays) and who their next sexual conquest will be. In this day and age, these are the burning questions. They must be answered (and then watched, for our sheer entertainment).

For the average TV audience, who return home after a hard day at work and turn on E4 at 10pm on a Monday, you are watching something that frankly, you deserve to watch. Made in Chelsea is now full to the brim with exciting plot-lines which are enticing and somewhat gripping – it’s all the drama you’ve ever wanted to witness on TV actually happening – and it happens in the most classiest of ways. It seems the producers and creative team behind it all have finally figured out exactly what their audience wants, and it is reflected in the quality of the show. These people don’t argue in kitchens and in the living room, no way. They go to spa retreats and end up taking long walks in picturesque, rural countryside areas and argue THERE – because that’s how real people do it.

What this cast does is take something huge and make it colossal, and this is what makes it so fantastic. Everything is done in excess, and it’s fascinating to watch it all come undone on screen. There is a big reason why Made in Chelsea is currently airing its fifth season on E4, and why series 6 is already being filmed. It is also worth noting that if it isn’t the number 1 trend on Twitter when being aired, then it’s either number 2, 3 or 4. Clearly, this is a show which people love to hate, or simply, love to love. It’s here, and it’s made its statement – it isn’t going anywhere for a while. Well, I certainly hope not.

Made in Chelsea makes its presence known. Its audience are hungry for melodrama, for exaggeration and elaborateness, and also hungry for a cast who probably aren’t aware how much the British audience need to step out of their mundane, ordinary life and momentarily, enter theirs. Made in Chelsea is a paradox: it’s real, but somehow, unreal. It doesn’t dive into the entrepeneurial business world of Lord Alan Sugar (which is now losing its touch) or the sometimes monotonous feel of I’m a Celebrity… it’s relaxed, silly and most importantly, fun.

Good luck to Made in Chelsea tonight, I’m with you on this one.


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