Lady who?

Remember this woman? You’d be crazy not to.

Lady Gaga, the woman who revolutionized pop culture and brought it back to life is nowhere to be seen. Her reign seems to have ended, and a fandom suppressed. Initially, this was a woman I disliked and tried to avoid, but once I’d heard the loveable ‘Poker Face’, I knew that she was going places. At the moment, I feel the only place she is going is nowhere, because I’m not quite sure where she is, or what she is doing.

Lady Gaga is more than just a pretty (and sometimes, frightening) face. This is a woman who stands for equality, represents freedom and influences people to embrace themselves and others. Her ability to step out into the media with bizarre outfits was one of the most striking things about her. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, but she is creative, a fashion icon, inspirational and most importantly, daring. This is a woman who dares to be different. This is someone pop culture needed when it was becoming boring, and this is now what it is lacking since her departure.

After the release of her “Born This Way” album, pop music definitely misses Lady Gaga. In a short space of time, she certainly left a lasting impact. It feels like I’m talking as if she is dead, but to be perfectly honest, she may as well be considering how mundane everything feels without her. I eagerly await her resurrection, which I feel is going to be a massive one, and hope that she returns with something bigger and better. A weird, maternal part of me also feels worried for her. She has set the bar extremely high, even for herself, and it may be possible that she no longer exceeds expecations, or even meets them. Whatever happens, I know I’ll be pretty glad she did what she could.

Come back soon, Gaga.


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