What’s new with “New girl”?


In all honesty, not much.

The shows becoming slightly lacklustre. Season one brought with it the promise of a new comedy show to please all, one filled with witty and silly dialogue, awkward situations, quirky characters, lots of shouting and all-round fun. The strange situations and romances that emerged from the season provoked many a smile and laughter, encouraging audiences to return for season two…

Season two is here, but it’s kind of boring. Cece appears to be constantly mimicking the character of Jess, turning into an oriental version of the character Zooey Deschanel has already claimed as her own. The plot and storylines within each episode seem to be dwindling in creativity; Schmidt is still chasing women, Jess is still trying to find a man (she is also unemployed) and Nick is still working in the bar and leading a rubbish life… and Winston, you ask? Well, what does he actually do in the show. I’m not too sure.

What we need is an enticing romance thrown into this comedy show – we want Nick and Jess to finally become a couple, fall hopelessly in love with one another, while of course, still preserving the endearing humour both their characters create when they appear on-screen.

Okay, I say “we” but I actually mean “I”.


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