Doctor Who: The Bells of Saint John.

Doctor Who returned today with a brand new episode of its 33rd series, titled “The Bells of Saint John”.

After much anticipation, I was left slightly disappointed by it all. Jenna-Louise Coleman as “Oswin” or “Clara” is fantastic, and I can see she’ll be an assistant worth remembering. Personally, I feel she is already better than Amy. Her voice, look, chemistry with the Doctor and quick wit is a hit. There’s definitely something about her that is already so endearing. I can’t wait to see more of her and finally learn what the mystery surrounding her character is.

As for Matt Smith, well, he’s just perfect isn’t he? Yes.

Back to the episode itself. The script and its idea was pretty cool, but I feel it lacked that fear and drama that usually accompanies an episode of Doctor Who. Clearly it’s having a dig at social networking sites and the scary world of the internet. If anyone experienced fear and drama though, it was that cup of tea Clara took into the tardis. Remaining resilient, it stayed strong, refusing to spill any tea it didn’t already have. Clara held onto it pretty well – considering she was transported from outside her house into an aircraft about to crash-land, and was forced to whirl around as if in a hurricane, she did British tea lovers proud.

I was a bit disappointed by how the Doctor reversed Clara’s upload to the scary wi-fi internet system thing by just tapping away at the keyboard in a rushed manner. It didn’t seem very technical at all, just kind of blasé. Boo. The beauty of the episode came in the picturesque shots of London, especially when the Doctor and Clara ride away on their motorbike, emerging out of the tardis alongside Southbank and having a mini tour of London along the way. It’s a nice reminder of how pretty everything is…

…but we don’t want pretty. We want dangerous, and scary and edge-of-the-seat stuff. It just didn’t hit the spot. Everything was over in the blink of an eye, an although it is an introductory episode, which means you do kind of expect it to be short and concise, something was missing which shouldn’t have been!

Here’s hoping the next episode is better.


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